This is my idea to extend live of flapper, using metal strap.

Works very good.

You’ve solved lots of problems. Some of them were even hard problems! How did you do it?
This suggestion save your time and money.

This is my idea to protect sensors and electrical connectors from oxidation in APS sealer area. I use medical latex tube.

This is how

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Parts are parts, right? Well, maybe in chicken nuggets, but not when the subject is replacement inserters parts. Whether you service your own inserter or have an outside service to do the work, you can sometimes be faced with a confusing array of part alternatives.

In general, you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean a more expensive part is always the best choice.

To help you make good choices, we offer the following tips and information.

Rebuilt or Remanufactured Parts

Many worn-out inserters parts are routinely replaced with rebuilt or remanufactured units. Examples include D-Roller, small and large Tires, flapper rollers, standard belts, bearings and rebuild or new air cylinders. Rebuilt parts can save you 20 to 70 percent on the cost of PM repairs, and are often a good repair option.

Many of recoating parts are stronger than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

Rebuilt or remanufactured parts are completely disassembled and each component is either restored to factory specifications or replaced with a new part. After reassembly, the unit is bench tested to ensure proper performance. The Federal Trade Commission requires that parts remanufactured in this manner be labeled "rebuilt" so consumers will not mistake them for new parts. The “rebuilt” label also protects you against getting a lesser-quality refurbished or reconditioned part.

Terms “refurbished” and “reconditioned” refer to parts that have been disassembled and repaired only to the extent necessary to make them work. Also, some self-service companies perform such repairs themselves when cost is an overriding concern.