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Y100550; Y184053 GROOVED

Y100550; Y184053 GROOVED 30K HiCap Red Feeding Belts.

Y184053 & Y100550 Pitney Bowes . Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

This is replacing original manufacturing HiCap feeding belts (see picture) you need minimum two because they don’t work with original BC belts. Our Grooved belts are stronger and have more body for better feeding. Grooves on the belt improves feeding and reduce belts cleaning to minimum ( some users never clean them) Save some money and make your Operator happy.

Say goodbye to constant cleaning and missing feeding with the new Belt Y100550!

Are you tired of dealing with messy and cumbersome belts in your HiCap system? Our innovative Belt Y100550 with specially designed grooves is here to revolutionize your experience. No more interruptions from frequent cleanings – our new belt is engineered to keep your HiCap running smoothly and efficiently.

Experience the difference with Grooved Belt Y100550 – designed for convenience, reliability, and optimal performance. Upgrade your HiCap system today and enjoy a hassle-free operation like never before!

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