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Most available deck OVENS WHEN ELECTRICALLY heated offer 2 thermostats per DECK FOR INDEPENDENT top and bottom temperature control

For most products you might use the same TOP and BOTTOM temperature

A slight difference in temperature might apply (+/ 20 C or +/ 70 F) but the bottom temperature is quite ALWAYS THE highest because it is the one most needed for the bread to develop nicely

For HIGH CROWN products the TOP temperature must be reduced as otherwise there is the risk of burning the top of the broad.

For NORMAL SIZED PRODUCTS there is no need for an important difference in temperature between TOP and BOTTOM anyway you cannot expect to have really 2 temperatures in a baking chamber, which is only 18.5cm high (or 7 1 /3").

Only In case of Cookies (which are quite flat) the TOP temperature SETTING WILL BE HIGHER THAN THE bottom in ORDER TO be ABLE TO colors the top OF the COOKIES. ALSO, WE DO NOT WANT to BURN the bottom OF THOSE COOKIES.

When broad baking is over or when no more steam is requested then turn off the steam generator:

a. To save energy

b. To avoid hot air coming from the unused steam generator to the rear
area of baking chamber, which might develop a HOT SPOT.